EMEP MSC-W model calculations for LRTAP GP review

The EMEP MSC-W calculations provided are based on calculations made for LRTAP during the review of the Gothenburg protocol in 2021-2023. These emissions and model calculations are described in the EMEP report from 2022 (EMEP, 2022). They consist of reference calculations for 2005 and 2015 and then scenario calculations for the years 2030 and 2050 using two different meteorological years. The three scenarios considered are Baseline, Maximum Feasible technical Reduction (MFR) and an additional low emission scenario (Diet_low) applied to the MFR scenario for 2050. Information concerning these emission scenarios are contained in the 2022 EMEP report (EMEP, 2022).


Data produced by EMEP/MSC-W are licensed under Norwegian license for public data (NLOD) and Creative Commons 4.0 BY International. Credit should be given to The Norwegian Meteorological institute, shortened "MET Norway", as the source of data. Some suggestions: "Data from The Norwegian Meteorological Institute", "Based on data from MET Norway".


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