Atmospheric Supply of
Nitrogen, Cadmium, Mercury, Benzo(a)pyrene, and PCB-153
to the Baltic Sea in 2016

(Updated: 28 November 2018)

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This report has been prepared for the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM), Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, based on the model estimates and monitoring results which were presented to the Fourth Joint session of the Working Group on Effects and the Steering Body of EMEP (Co-operative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of Long-Range Transmission of Air Pollutants in Europe). This joint summary report for HELCOM includes the measurements and results of modelling in the Baltic Sea region for oxidised nitrogen, reduced nitrogen, cadmium, mercury, benzo(a)pyrene and PCB-153 for the year 2016. It has been produced in the frame of a collaborative effort by the three modelling and monitoring EMEP centres MSC-W, MSC-E and CCC, and will be available on the EMEP web site and later also on the HELCOM web site. The report, as a draft, was presented and discussed at the PRESSURE Meeting in Riga, Latvia, in October 2018 along with corresponding drafts of the Baltic Sea Environment Fact Sheets (BSEFS). Participants of the PRESSURE Meeting were asked for comments and corrections which were taken into account in final version of the report and fact sheets, which can be found below.

Acknowledgements. The authors are indebted to their colleagues at MSC-E, MSC-W and CCC for providing the results included in this report. Furthermore, we are grateful to Dr. Ilia Iliyn and Prof. Victor Shatalov for their contribution to this work, valuable remarks and comments.

The various parts of the report, including the Baltic Sea Environment Fact Sheets can be found below.





Cover page


Front cover for the report.




Preface, Acknowledgements, List of Contents, Introduction and Updates.




Monitoring sites and measurements in 2016. Differences to 2011-2015 average.




List of references.


BSEFS for Nitrogen emissions


Nitrogen emissions, 1995-2016.


BSEFS for Nitrogen depositions


Nitrogen annual and monthly depositions, 1995-2016. Source allocation budget.


BSEFS for HM emissions


Heavy metal emissions, 1990-2016.


BSEFS for HM depositions


Heavy metal annual and monthly depositions, 1990-2016. Source allocation budget.


BSEFS for Benzo(a)pyrene emissions


Benzo(a)pyrene emissions, 1990-2016.


BSEFS for Benzo(a)pyrene deposition


Benzo(a)pyrene annual and monthly depositions, 1990-2016. Source allocation budget.


BSEFS for PCB-153 emissions


PCB-153 emissions, 1990-2016.


BSEFS for PCB-153 depositions


PCB-153 annual and monthly depositions, 1990-2016. Source allocation budget.


Blame matrices for nitrogen depositions


Country-to-basin Blame Matrices based on normalized depositions of Nitrogen in 2016. (v2 01May2020: error in tot-N removed)


Cover page


Back cover for the report.