EMEP centers technical reports to the 36th Session of the Steering Body

The status reports from the EMEP centers available from this page are to be presented and discussed at the 36th Session of the Steering Body to take place 17-19 September 2012 in Geneva. EMEP centers reports from earlier sessions can be found here: | 36th session | 35th session | 34th session | 33rd session

Official papers to the 36th session of the Steering Body to EMEP are available at http://www.unece.org/index.php?id=30313.

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Joint reports

EMEP Status Report 1/2012
"Transboundary acidification, eutrophication and ground level ozone in Europe in 2010"
Joint MSC-W & CCC & CEIP Report
emep_report_1_2012 (pdf 42 MB)
Supplementary material to EMEP Status Report 1/2012
"EMEP/MSC-W model performance for acidifying and eutrophying components and photo-oxidants in 2010"
Joint MSC-W & CCC Report
Supplementary material to EMEP Status Report 1/2012 (pdf 42 MB)
EMEP Status Report 2/2012
"Long-term Changes of Heavy Metal Transboundary Pollution of the Environment (1990-2010)"
Joint MSC-E & CCC & CEIP Report
emep_report_2_2010 (pdf)
EMEP Status Report 3/2012
"Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Environment"
Joint MSC-E & CCC Report
emep_report_3_2010 (pdf)
EMEP Status Report 4/12
"Transboundary Particulate Matter in Europe: Status Report 4/2012"
Joint CCC & MSC-W & CEIP & CIAM Report
emep_report_4_2012 (pdf)

CEIP Technical and Data reports

CEIP Technical Report 1/2012
"Review of emission data reported under the LRTAP Convention and NEC Directive"
K. Mareckova, R. Wankmueller, R. Whiting, & M. Pinterits
Inventory Review 2012 (EEA & CEIP)
Annex A: Status of reporting under NECD in 2012 (pdf file)
Annex B: Recalculations of CLRTAP and NECD emission data in 2012 (pdf file)
Annex C: Overview of gap-filling done in 2012 for the EMEP 2010 inventory (xls file)
Annex D: Inventory Comparisons between CLRTAP, NECD and UNFCCC data for 1990 and 2010 (pdf file)
Annex E: LPS reportingunder CLRTAP until 2012 (pdf file)
Annex F: Review of POP emission inventories in 2012 (pdf file)

CCC Technical and Data reports

CCC Report 1/12
"Data Report 2012 Acidifying and eutrophying compounds and particulate matter"
by Anne-Gunn Hjellbrekke and Ann Mari Fjæraa
EMEP/CCC-Report 1/2012 (pdf)
CCC Report 2/12
"Ozone measurements 2012"
by Anne-Gunn Hjellbrekke, Sverre Solberg and Ann Mari Fjæraae
EMEP/CCC-Report 2/2012 (pdf)
CCC Report 3/12
"Heavy metals and POP measurements, 2012"
by Wenche Aas and Knut Breivik
CCC Report 4/12
"VOC measurements 2012"
Sverre Solberg

CIAM Technical and Data reports

MSC-E Technical and Data reports

MSC-E Technical Note 1/2012
Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution Levels in the Czech Republic (EMEP case study).
Ilyin I., O. Travnikov, M. Varygina, M. Vana, P. Machalek, H.Hnilikov
Full Text (pdf 4.2 Mb)

MSC-W Technical and Data reports

MSC-W Technical Report 1/2011
"Development of the EMEP global modelling framework: Progress report"
Edited by J. E. Jonson and O. Travnikov
MSC-W Data Note 1/2012
Transboundary data by main pollutants (S, N, O3) and PM.
Michael Gauss, Ágnes Nyíri, Birthe Marie Steensen and Heiko Klein
Russian translation: Svetlana Tsyro

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