EMEP centers technical reports to the 38th Session of the Steering Body

The status reports from the EMEP centers available from this page are to be presented and discussed at the 38th Session of the Steering Body to take place 15-17 September 2014 in Geneva. EMEP centers reports from earlier sessions can be found here: | 37th session | 36th session | 35th session

Official papers to the 38th session of the Steering Body to EMEP are available at http://www.unece.org/index.php?id=10031

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Joint reports

EMEP Status Report 1/2014
"Transboundary particulate matter, photo-oxidants, acidifying and eutrophying components"
Joint MSC-W & CCC & CEIP Report
EMEP Status Report 1/2014 (pdf 32 MB)
Updated pdf file on 2014-09-11: corrections to Table 8.2
Supplementary material to EMEP Status Report 1/2014
"EMEP/MSC-W model performance for acidifying and eutrophying components, photo-oxidants and particulate matter in 2012"
Joint MSC-W & CCC Report
Supplementary material to EMEP Status Report 1/2014 (pdf 26 MB)
EMEP Status Report 2/2014
"Heavy Metals: Transboundary Pollution of the Environment"
Joint MSC-E & CCC Report
EMEP Status Report 2 2014 (pdf)
EMEP Status Report 3/2014
"Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Environment"
Joint MSC-E & CCC Report
EMEP Status Report 3 2014 (pdf)

CCC Technical and Data reports

CCC Report 1/2014
"EMEP manual"
EMEP/CCC-Report 1/2014 (MS word or pdf (in English, Russian or Chinese)

CCC Report 2/2014
"Ozone measurements 2012"
by Anne-Gunn Hjellbrekke, Sverre Solberg
CCC Report 3/2014
"Data Report 2012 Acidifying and eutrophying compounds and particulate matter"
by Anne-Gunn Hjellbrekke
CCC Report 4/2014
"Heavy metals and POP measurements, 2012"
Wenche Aas and Pernilla Bohlin Nizzetto
CCC Report 5/2014
"VOC measurements 2012"
Sverre Solberg

CEIP Technical and Data reports

CEIP Technical Report 1/2014
"Review of emission data reported under the LRTAP Convention and NEC Directive"
K. Mareckova, R. Wankmueller, L. Moosmann, M. Pinterits & M. Tista
Inventory Review 2014 (EEA & CEIP)
"Methodology Report 2014"
K. Mareckova, R. Wankmueller, L. Moosmann, M. Pinterits & M. Tista
Methodology Report 2014 (EEA & CEIP)

MSC-E Technical and Data reports

MSC-E Technical report 1/2014
Assessment of Lead Pollution Levels in the Netherlands (EMEP case study)
Shatalov V., Ilyin I., Gusev A., Rozovskaya O., Sokovykh V., Travnikov O.
Full Text
Country specific information (in English and for the EECCA countries in Russian), complementary to the EMEP Status Reports, for your particular country can be found by the following address:
Pollution assessment of EMEP countries 2014

MSC-W Technical and Data reports

MSC-W Technical Report 1/2014
"The EURODELTA III exercise Model evaluation with observations issued from the 2009 EMEP intensive period and standard measurements in Feb/Mar 2009"
B. Bessagnet, A. Colette, F. Meleux, L. Rouïl, A. Ung, O. Favez, C. Cuvelier, P. Thunis, S. Tsyro, R. Stern, A. Manders, R. Kranenburg, A. Aulinger, J. Bieser, M. Mircea, G. Briganti, A. Cappelletti, G. Calori, S. Finardi, C. Silibello, G. Ciarelli, S. Aksoyoglu, A. Prévôt, M.-T. Pay, J. M. Baldasano, M. García Vivanco, J. L. Garrido, I. Palomino, F. Martín, G. Pirovano, P. Roberts, L. Gonzalez, L. White, L. Menut, J.-C. Dupont, C. Carnevale, A. Pederzoli
TFMM & MSC-W Technical Report 1/2014 (pdf 40 MB)
MSC-W Data Note 1/2014 Individual Country Reports
Transboundary air pollution by main pollutants (S, N, O3) and PM
M. Gauss, V. S. Semeena, A. C. Benedictow and H. Klein
Russian translation: Svetlana Tsyro

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