Atmospheric Supply
of Nitrogen, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Lindane
to the Baltic Sea in 1998

(Updated: 27th April 2001)


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This report was prepared for the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM), Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, based on model estimates and monitoring results presented to the twenty-fourth session of the Steering Body of EMEP (Co-operative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of Long-Range Transmission of Air Pollutants in Europe). This present, fourth joint summary report for HELCOM includes the measurements and results of modelling in the Baltic Sea region for oxidized nitrogen, reduced nitrogen, lead, cadmium, mercury and lindane for one particular year - 1998. It was developed in a frame of close collaboration between three modelling and monitoring EMEP centres: MSC-W, MSC-E and CCC, and for the first time will be available only on internet, at the beginning on the EMEP WEB pages and finally on the HELCOM WEB pages. The report, as a draft, was presented at the second MONAS Meeting in Helsinki (22-23/02/2001) and participants were asked for comments and corrections which are included in the final version. Further comments, corrections and suggestions should be sent to Jerzy Bartnicki or co-authors, preferably by e-mail.

Acknowledgements. The authors are indebted to the scientific teams at MSC-E, MSC-W and CCC for providing the results included in this report and especially to Egil StÝren and Amund Bjerve from MSC-W for their help in designing the internet version. We are most grateful to Sergey Dutchak, Alexander Ryaboshapko, Ilia Iliyn, Victor Shatalov, Larissa Zayavlina, Irina Strijkina, Olga Rozovskaya and Svetlana Yevdokimova from MSC-E, and to Anne-Gunn Hjellbrekke and Rita Larsen from NILU for their help in preparation of this report.

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1.  Executive Summary   Summary of the main points of the report with emphasis on the policy applications.
2.  General Information   Information (tables) and definitions (maps) of the Catchments and sub-basins of the Baltic Sea used in this report. Table with names and codes of the EMEP emitters/receptors and other areas (e.g volcanoes) used in the computations for 1998.
3.  Annual 1998 Emissions In The Baltic Sea Region   Tables with country total emissions for 1998 and 1997 for the main contributors to the Baltic Sea. Differences between 1997 and 1998 emissions. Maps of nitrogen, heavy metals and POPs emissions in the Baltic Sea region in 1988.
4.  Atmospheric Load of Pollutants to the Baltic Sea its Catchments and Sub-basins   Tables with annual 1998 deposition fluxes to the Baltic Sea, its catchments and sub-basins. Comparison with 1997 results. Maps of annual 1998 depositions in the Baltic Sea region.
5.  Source Allocation of the Atmospheric Load of Pollution   Tables with contributions of the EMEP emitters to sub-regions of the Baltic Sea
6.  Observed Pollutant Concentrations at HELCOM Stations in 1998   Tables with measurement sites and compounds measured in 1998. Map with the sites locations. Tables with 1998 observations at the HELCOM stations. Figures with measurement data.
7.  Comparison of Model Results and Measurements for 1998   Comparison of annual 1998 depositions computed from the models and measured at the HELCOM stations.
8.  References   Publications quoted in the report.